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What this means is that, at the right price, we get you registered in the praxis system, with an excellent score and get a teaching license for you in any state of your choice in the United States. Your teaching license is then shipped to you within 1 to 3 business days.

At this point, you are as good as any other candidate who studied for weeks and weeks for the test, sat for the praxis test, passed and got licensed to teach in the United States. Your license will be issued by the official licensing body in your state, not by us.

We, with all our connections in the government and in all the important exam offices, offer all praxis test versions for sale to eligible candidates. We take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

If a hiring body decided to verify your license (that is to say check if it is real), they will discover that it is a 100% authentic praxis license which is registered in all necessary databases. We recommend that as soon as you receive your real teaching license from us, you should have it verified yourself to make sure of what we are telling you.

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Have you studied well for your praxis test, but are just not good at writing essays? Maybe reading and writing are easy for you but you just can not cope with the mathematics and all the symbols. We can fix this for you.

When you take your praxis test, you just focus on the sections that you are good at and really get them done right. As for the section or sections you find most difficult, leave them. When your result comes back, you will see that you did excellent in the section or sections you left unanswered. This is one of the most complicated services we offer for this exam, but we have done it thousands of times before. We assure you; we’ve got your back!

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Upgrade previous failed praxis test scores

According to the official praxis testing policy, there is no limit to the number of times a candidate can retake the praxis test. You can retake a praxis test once every 21 days, not including the date of the initial test. But what is the point of retaking if you keep failing the math?

If you do not want to buy the praxis test and get on with your career, we do have another option for you. We can upgrade previously failed praxis test score to passed praxis score.

Contact us now, give us your student details for the last time you took the praxis test and failed. We will simply get into the praxis system and upgrade all your scores and details. We will put in whatever score you want, at the right price.

Leaked Praxis Test Questions

We supply leaked praxis test questions and answers to you before your exam. This is to enable you pass the praxis test and get certified easy. These are actual praxis exam questions and are guaranteed to be the questions you will face when you take the test. This is basically “fixing” your praxis test.

With this service, the client still has a part to play. We can only guarantee that the questions we give you are exactly the same questions you shall face when you take your praxis test. But your success from then on 100% depends on you. If you do not study the praxis questions and answers we give you, there is no guarantee that you will pass. We take no responsibility if you do not study the material we give you and end up failing your praxis test. What score you get in your praxis test depends on how well you studied the questions and their answers.

You register for the exam just like any other candidate. You sit for the praxis on testing day, just like everyone else. The advantage you get is that, instead of studying the whole curriculum, you only get to study a few questions and their answers.

We do not encourage you to take the material we give you to the testing hall. If you get caught, you will be banned from the praxis examination. If this happens and you need to pass the praxis test and get certified through one of the other methods listed above, you will have to pay the full price just like a new client would.

If you want to get a teacher certification without sitting for any exam, buy praxis exam questions and pass it with ease!

Real, Secured, Confidential

To protect our business and our clients, all communications with us through this website and any other means of contact listed on this website are encrypted. Once our business with you is done: say, you passed your praxis test with ease and got certified; or your failed praxis score was upgraded and you confirmed that the job was done; or you confirm that the leaked praxis questions we gave you are exactly the ones we gave you, we delete all your information from our system. This is to make sure that there is no proof anywhere that you did anything wrong, or that you got your teacher certification through any means other than studying and passing the praxis test like anyone else.

We encourage you to do the same and delete all details of our dealings once you have passed your praxis test and gotten certified.